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Eden Rock

Date: 14th August 2023              Max Dive Depth: 51ft

Eden Rock and the Devil's Grotto are two shore dives located next to each other at Eden Rock Dive center in George Town. They are known for their shallow topography and swim-throughs. Due to the shallowness of this site it is a great spot for photography as the lighting is often good. In fact one of the winners of this year's Wildlife photographer of the year competition was taken here! In terms of wildlife you should see plenty of tarpons here who will often give you a scare when you enter the caves! You may also see turtles and an occasional eagle ray. Keep an eye out for little things as well. There are plenty of anemone where you can find Pederson cleaner shrimps and Caribbean Squant Anemone shrimp. 

The Maze

Date: 2nd July 2023                  Max Dive depth: 93ft

Right out the front of Ocean Frontiers dive shop in the East End is my current favorite dive spot on the island! You will have to travel by boat to get there but it is well worth it. The maze is a wall dive with a difference as you will also have the opportunity to swim in the thin passages between the rock faces that make up the maze! Not only that but you are more or less guaranteed to spot curious reef sharks at this site as well as an abundance of marine life and healthy corals. Well worth a visit!

Alex's Alley

Date: June 30th 2023                      Max dive depth: 105ft

A cool swim through brought to the edge of the wall at about 105ft. We swam along the side of the wall which had some nice ledges and black coral. Up the top a loggerhead turtle swam past in the distance no other big visitors today but a nice site that I would be happy to revisit!  

Orange Canyon

Date: June 25th 2023      Max dive depth: 91ft


We visited this north west point wall site as one of my dive buddies was leaving and this is her favorite dive spot! It is known as orange canyon due to the abundance of orange coral here and canyons! Similar in topography to nearby sites such as big tunnels but worth a visit for the bright coral!

Lighthouse point (Divetech)

Date: June 24th 2023         Max dive depth: 65ft

A popular shore dive based in West bay it shares its base with the vegan restaurant Vivo. This site boasts a mini wall with a statue of the 'Guardian of the Reef'. It is common to find turtles and eels here and the occasional shark. There is also a good chance of seeing octopuses after dark. On this dive we were blessed with 3 types of angelfish including a number of queen angelfish!