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Night Dives!

I must say I have become a bit of a night dive addict! It feels like a completely different experience than diving in the day not just in terms of what you might see but also in the way you dive. Often night dives become slower as you pay attention to the little things such as nudibranches and shrimps and navigation certainly becomes a more important skill!

Most of the dive shops offer guided night shore dives which are great as the guides know where to look for the good stuff! You can also book tanks in advance and go out by yourself but make sure you have everything that you need as the dive shops will normally be shut when you want to go out. One of the best things to keep an eye out for when night diving in Grand Cayman is octopuses, lately I've seen at least one out and about on every night dive both full size ones and babies which tend to only be 3-4cm across in size! There are tons of starfish out at night including the impressive basket stars and you will also likely see lobsters and shrimps out an about including slipper lobsters if you are lucky. The blood worms can swarm about your light and become annoying and be careful where you are shining your light as the bigger fish such as tarpons and permits may use it to find their prey and come along and eat whatever you are looking at! For those of you who want to add an extra dimension to your adventures you could choose to do a boat night dive. Don Fosters offer regular black water diving and Epic and Divetech sometimes do night dives to the Kittewake.

The gallery below shows some of the things I've seen on night dives in the last couple of months.

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